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AGENDAS 2022/2023

Agendas are available 5 days before a meeting is scheduled to take place.

Please click on an underlined date to view an available Agenda. From Jan 2023 Agendas will come complete with meeting papers and may take longer to download on slow connections. If you have any issues please email

Click HERE to download our Notice of Meetings.

Parish Council 2022/23

3 May

7 June

21 June

5 July

25 July 

2 August

6 September

4 October

Annual Parish Meeting 2022/23

20th April 2023

Witchell Trust Meeting 2022/23

7th March 2023

Amenities Committee 2022/23

21 June

19 July

20 September

18 October

20 December

17 January

21 March

18 April -canx

Finance Committee 2022/23


17 May

16 August

15 November

6 December (exord)

21 February

Staffing Committee 2022/23

3 May - Canxd

19 July 

2 August

30 August 

1 November (9pm after council)

7 February

7th March (extraord)

Complaints Committee 

14 June 

7th March (extraord)

Participation in Parish Council Meetings

This Council meets and makes its decisions in public and is committed to community engagement and therefore warmly invites members of the public to attend meetings and contribute within the public forum. 


Please see this document for further information on this process. 

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