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Wendover Parish Council has once again entered Wendover into the Buckinghamshire Best Kept Village Competition 2023, in the small-town category.


The Parish Council will be making every effort to keep Wendover in a clean, tidy, pleasant, and presentable condition, however much of the judging is based on the condition of private and business properties and areas beyond the jurisdiction of the Parish Council. 


The judging period runs from Thursday 1st June 2023 through to Friday 14th July 2023.  


For more information, please see the below list that Wendover will be judged on: 


Provision, maintenance, and overall appearance of the following: -


  1. Cemetery, graveyard (separate or attached to a place of worship)

  2. Green, playing field, children’s play area, outdoor recreation facilities, designated nature conservation area 

  3. Floral Displays (hanging baskets, tubs, planters, flower beds etc.) 

  4. Community facilities (Village Hall, Community Centre, Church Hall)

  5. General environmental features (hedges, verges, ditches, pond, stream, pump etc.)

  6. Shops and pubs

  7. Bus stops, bus shelters, public seating, dog bins, notice boards, information signs

  8. War memorial (Please include a photograph if the memorial is inside a locked building)

  9. Quality of Competition entry - up to date and detailed map with features highlighted

  10. Evidence of community engagement (eg website, newsletter, magazine, posters and general community involvement in the Competition)

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