The Parish of Wendover will continue to thrive through actively celebrating its heritage & rural setting, addressing the challenge of climate change and enhancing its unique character.

To champion Wendover's unique character

WPC aim to do this with the following actions:

Protect & enhance what makes Wendover's unique character

  • preserve the heritage (buildings, way of life) and facilities (open spaces, infrastructure)

  • support the people (who reside, work & visit) install a sense of pride in all that we are

  • be an easy place to start and grow a business

Commit to a sustainable environment

  • address challenges resulting from climate change in all that we do

  • encourage & support everyone to play their part

  • mitigate the impact of HS2 wherever possible

Promote an inclusive community

  • be welcoming across all groups of society, visitors, new residents and new businesses

  • install an ongoing sense of community for all those who reside or work in the parish

  • work in partnership with neighbouring parishes and community groups

Wendover Parish Council Core Values

  • Respectful

We value each other& those we work with, nurturing a culture of tolerance & honouring the opinions of others.

  • Collaborative

We embrace ideas and work with many partners and associations to ensure we succeed.

  • Transparent

We are accountable and responsible for all that we do.

  • Welcoming

We strive to embrace diversity in all that we do, with whomever we serve and partner with.

  • Flexible

We recognize the world changes, and we strive to adapt accordingly.

The Parish Council have completed a Community Action Plan that will help to focus the Council activities, the document will be updated regularly to allow for economic and environmental changes.

View the Community Action Plan