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At any given time the Council will be working on several projects, details of which for the current year can be seen below.
An EMR is an Ear Marked Reserve, this is a pot of money that has been agreed to be spent on a particular project and has been 'reserved' for that purpose. EMRs and larger projects are agreed when the annual budget is set, often projects will take more than one year to complete and so EMRs may be agreed to span several years. 


A full list of current EMRs can be seen within the monthly income & expenditure reports which can be found here.


Any money left in an EMR after the project has been completed will be transferred back into the general reserves.

Photo 2019-07-05, 14 55 29 (1).jpg
Hampden Pond

The perimeter and fencing have been repaired and pathways improved. The lillies have been cleared back and some erosion and banking issues fixed. In the future we will be looking at water level consistency and water quality to improve biodiversity

Click here for project information and progress
569-V01b Visualisation.png

Ever since the open spaces survey identified the need for a facility that caters for teenagers and young adults the Council have been looking to raise funds and build a skatepark at Ashbrook Park. The current design and access statement is available here.

Click here
for project information and progress
canal path.jpg
Canal Tow Path

The Wendover stretch of the canal tow path has now been upgraded in Autumn 2023 and the Council will look at how this path can continue to be maintained.
Sustainability and Climate Action Wendover (CLAW)

The Council is working to reduce it's carbon footprint and help improve the environment and biodiversity within Wendover. We work in partnership with CLAW in their ambition to plant trees and develop the Wendover Wildbelt with fruit trees and bushes that can be foraged by the local community.
Parking Review

In 2019 a consultation was initiated in Wendover about some of the problems experienced with parking around Wendover. Since then a whole range of opinions and options on what parking controls will benefit the community have been explored. The lines are finally implemented.

Click here for project information and progress
Transport and Traffic

Traffic in and around Wendover is an emotive and complex issue. The current priorities are:
  • Speeding on South Street - we have been collecting speeding data from the road and are seeking appropriate mitigations for speeds of up to 80mph in the 30mph zone.
  • Traffic in and around the School - working with the schools to change behaviours and implement change
Hampden Swings.JPG
Open Spaces and Parks

We seek to invest in our open spaces by improving the biodiversity and replacing and updating play equipment so that our facilities can be enjoyed for generations to come.
fountain clock tower.jpg
Clock Tower Wall and Fountain

It was proposed that the old wall adjacent to the Clock Tower is refurbished with consideration towards the installation of a suitable water fountain once the refurbishment is complete. It now appears that the damage to the wall is greater than originally envisaged and the focus will have to be on preservation and may no longer include a water fountain. As the work requirements have significantly changed the listed buildings team have had to report. There is a budget of £10000 for this work.
Street light thumbnail.jpg
Christmas Lights

We are working to renew and refresh the Christmas lights which are currently old and prone to breakages and need constant maintenance. We will be looking to keep the character and charm that people enjoy on the high street with new units that reduce electricity consumption and do not need as much maintenance.
charity marketa.jpg
Community Events

More info to follow.
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