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Hampden Pond
The perimeter of the pond has some fencing and hedgerow/trees.  Chainlink fencing runs along the Heron Path side of the pond, and the boundary side along Hampden Meadow. The fencing has failed considerably, mainly due to vegetation growth and visitors exiting/entering the pond over the fencing instead of using one of the four entry point gates.
The new Council have reviewed previous plans and will be replacing some fencing and making improvements to the paths.  This would allow the Pond to remain as a wildlife haven, keeping wildlife in without the threat of added litter. The fencing works will start shortly, with the path improvements taking place over the winter period when the grass cutting season has finished.  Further maintenance work is also planned and more details of that will be available shortly. A quote for the fencing has been agreed and this work will be funded from the dedicated EMR of £25k
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Village Gates
There are four pairs of white wooden gates at the approach to Wendover Village.  The locations are, London Road, Aylesbury Road, Tring Road and Ellesborough Road.  Over a period of time, the wood on the gates has steadily deteriorated and despite the best attempts of the Groundsmen to repaint them they are rotten and beyond economical repair.
£15k was budgeted in 2020/21 in an EMR, however the project did not move forward. £15k has again been budgeted via an EMR for 2021/22.
UPDATE: Buckinghamshire Council have agreed to do these works at no cost to WPC, once the work has been done the EMR funds will be released back into the general reserves.
The Council has a dedicated working group dealing with the council response to HS2 and pushing for a mined tunnel for Wendover.  Part of this process is continued lobbying of parliament, costs associated this and other HS2 costs can be seen at the bottom of the finance page under HS2 project cost (here.)

Canal Tow Path
The Wendover stretch of the canal tow path is in desperate need of work, the project has now secured an outside grant, so work is now being done to finalise the details and timing for the refurbishment in conjunction with the Canal and Rivers Trust.  Wendover Parish Council will be contributing £25k towards this project.

CAW Trees
Climate Action Wendover are working towards planting hundreds of new trees across Wendover, the council has set aside an EMR of £10k to assist with this project.

Waste Bin Replacement
On 20th July 2021 the amenities committee agreed to proceed with replacing four concrete bins with 120 litre, 100% recycled Enviropol 100 bin. The total cost, including concrete bases, removal of old bins and new bins installed is £4484.24, which would be charged against the replacement bin EMR of £5k.
The new bins are for Ashbrook Park and Witchell Meadow have been ordered and should be installed by the end of August 2021.

Parking Review
Wendover Parish Council has commissioned Transport for Buckinghamshire (TfB) to undertake a parking review in the parish.  Consultations are now taking place to ask local residents and other their views on new parking controls.
The EMR for this project is £10k

Highway Trees

The original idea behind the Highway Trees project was that the Parish Council would look to adopt the existing highway trees from Buckinghamshire Council.  The money set aside for this would then be used to maintain and replace as required.  The adoption has not taken place and the trees are currently still the responsibility of Buckinghamshire Council. The dedicated EMR for this project is £10k.

Princess Mary Gate Signage
There are signifiant signage issues existing on the Prncess Mary Gate estate, including give way signs and priority signage.  Wendover Parish Council is working with Transport for Bucks to address these issues.
The EMR for this project is £1.5k and this budget was kindly donated by Cllr Steve Bowles.

Clock Tower Wall and Fountain
It is proposed that the old wall adjacent to the Clock Tower is refurbished with consideration towards the installation of a suitable water fountain once the refurbishment is complete. The character of the wall will be maintained, and the project will feature around a ‘Plastic Free Wendover’ based on the use of refillable water bottles.  Quotes are currently being obtained for both repairing and rebuilding the wall and these will be discussed with the listed buildings office to decide the best way forward.
No funds currently allocated.

Skate Park - Working Group Project - Not Yet Approved
The former skate park on London Road was removed in 2019 as the site was dangerous.  The working group are looking to create a new park in Wendover.
No funds currently allocated.

Inclusive Play Area - Working Group Project - Not Yet Approved
The idea is to create an inclusive play area at Hampden Meadow, building on the equipment already in place to create a large inclusive play space incorporating accessible and sensory play.
No funds currently allocated.

At any given time the Council will be working on several projects, details of which for the current year can be seen below.
An EMR is an Ear Marked Reserve, this is a pot of money that has been agreed to be spent on a particular project and has been 'reserved' for that purpose.  EMRs and larger projects are agreed when the annual budget is set, often projects will take more than one year to complete and so EMRs may be agreed to span several years.  A full list of current EMRs can be seen within the monthly income & expenditure reports which can be found here.  Any money left in an EMR after the project has been completed will be transferred back into the general reserves.