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November | View from the Chair

A Parish Council with a significant spend, Wendover’s is around £300k a year, can make a positive difference to the community. It does this best when it listens. Which is why I’m so interested in our steadily growing Facebook identity. Facebook, if you can avoid the silliness, is a really useful way to share information. Who’d have known. The new website is also packed full of useful information on our campaigns, services and facilities. While these essential channels of communication are delivering their magic I remain a bit old school. That’s why I enjoyed meeting so many visitors face to face on our Clock Tower open day. Hundreds came and it wasn’t just the free ice cream that drew them. I lost count of the number of people who told me, “ I’ve lived in Wendover for X number of years and I’ve always wanted to come in here,” for some it was all of their lives. I’m glad we could make that happen and I’m hopeful that we can do it again next year.

Drainage is becoming an issue for Wendover. An enormous volume of water that falls on our roads can’t find its way into the clogged up drains. Areas flood today that never flooded when I was a lad and it’s creating a risk to property and a hazard to all road users. With your help we might be able to get some action. If you see drains blocked and large puddles forming contact Transport for Bucks on You can report issues, see other reports, check on progress and even upload photos of the problem. Let’s put pressure on the system before poor drainage damages our roads and footpaths even more.

On the same day as our Clock Tower open day Lola’s litter pick took place and what a difference it made. I’d like to thank all of the kids, parents and teachers who made the event a success. Also my thanks to the businesses and people who supported on the day.

Tom Walsh



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