The pandemic has impacted on all our lives, businesses and working arrangements. This includes the Wendover Parking review which was postponed during March until the team met again on Wednesday 9th September. Taking a positive view, whatever happens with the pandemic going forward, we now have the services in place to ensure the review will continue throughout 2021!

Initial proposals have been made based on known areas of concern around the village and these can be viewed by downloading the Pdf documents at the bottom of this page. Without doubt, there will be areas not identified and that is where we need your engagement. Please take this opportunity to review the current proposals, comment on them and provide feedback on areas of concern not identified.

For the consultation to be productive, whilst individual views are important, collective concerns are expressive and will enable the team to make pragmatic decisions on which roads should be included. If you have identified a road, please gain the support of your neighbours and wider residents. This increases the credibility of your claim and presents the views of the street which will not be ignored!

The consultation period runs from the 1st to 30th November and your responses can be emailed to the Clerk at: clerk@wendover-pc.gov.uk or posted through the letter box at the Clock Tower.

It should be noted this is the initial consultation. Over the coming months we will undertake further direct consultations to confirm resident’s proposals. Once we have this information, we will make a formal legal advertisement in the local press and request feedback. The necessary legal orders can then be made, and the new parking lines and signs will be completed in the latter part of 2021.

This is your opportunity to assist in addressing the parking concerns around Wendover and your inputs will be greatly appreciated.

Click on the below underlined text to download the relevant pdf documents.

Perry Street - BC 141 & BD 140

Chiltern Road - BD 141

Tring Road - BE 142, BE 141 & BD 142

Little Hampden Close - BD 143

Vinetrees - BD 142 

Manor Road - BE 141