Buckinghamshire Council in partnership with Transport for Bucks is working with your Ward Councillors, Parish Councillors and residents in Wendover. We have undertaken a review and made recommendations on a number of different parking controls to address parking needs in Wendover.

Plans indicating the changes and further information can be viewed at the following locations:


The plans include 1 overview map of the whole area and individual map tiles showing the proposals in more detail.


What can you do?

Plans of the proposals can be viewed online at https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/roads-parking/wendover-parking-review-informal/ A link to an online survey can be found here, please complete it by the Tuesday 30th March 2021. Alternatively, you can email or write to us with your comments.

Email: parkingtro@buckscc.gov.uk


Transport for Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire County Council

Aylesbury Vale Area Office

Corrib Industrial Park,

Griffin Lane, Aylesbury


HP19 8BP

What happens next?

The final proposals that result from these wider public views will then need to go through a statutory legal consultation period before any work can be implemented. Assuming all goes to plan, and there is the necessary support from residents, the road line work should be implemented towards the end of 2021.

Below is a helpful guide to locate which map tile you will need to look at to find the relevant road online.