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WPC responds to the consultation on the Halton development

Feedback on SPD
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Wendover Parish Council has reviewed the consultation on the Halton development and has responded with the concerns of the Wendover residents. Such a large development on our doorstep will place pressures on our Parish and we are keen to highlight these issues, which include:

  • The absence of meaningful consultation by planners beyond the boundaries of Halton Parish, which includes the relatively short deadline for this consultation.

  • Unrealistic projections over the increased demand for education facilities, welfare and health services. 

  • Increasing pressures on a currently sub-standard local transport network (especially public transport and walking and cycling)

  • A concern that supporting infrastructure and community facilities should come before the residential development.


We recognise the opportunities that the redevelopment of the site could bring, but fear that these will be entirely missed without meaningful engagement with the Parish of Wendover as a whole, and due consideration of the impacts of all of the local developments taking place within a similar timeframe.



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