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Food-bank Donation Week | 25 - 31 May

Wendover Foodbank is part of the Chiltern Foodbank network, supported by the The Trussel Trust, working to combat poverty and hunger across the UK. No one in our community should have to face going hungry. That’s why they provide three days nutritionally balanced non-perishable emergency food and support to local people who are struggling to put food on the table. If you know an individual or family who are in need of the foodbank, please contact John Shaw on 07899 964037.

Since the start of the Covid-19 Pandemic the demand for the foodbank has increased in Wendover and throughout the Chiltern area. Therefore, Wendover Youth Centre, Churches Together in Wendover, and Wendover Parish Council are coming together with the Wendover Foodbank to organise a food bank donation week from 25th-31st May.

During this week we encourage Wendover and the surrounding community to donate food to the foodbank. The items that are listed below are what help to create the food boxes:

Any donation is extremely appreciated and will go towards creating a food box for an individual or family who needs it.


Tins – Vegetables, potatoes, beef, chicken, fruit, beans, pasta, ham, fish

Dried Foods – Rice (0.5Kg or 1Kg), dried potato (eg Smash)

Jars – Peanut Butter, Jam, Honey

Other Items – Savoury Rice, Fruit Squash, Sponge Puddings

Toiletries / Cleaning Materials – Toothpaste, Shampoo, Deodorant, Washing Powder (small)

Where to drop of donations:


There is a Food Bank donation box located at the front of the store.

Wendover Youth Centre:

The youth centre will be open each day from 12-2pm from Monday 25th-Sunday 31st May to receive any donations. The centre is located on the school campuses off Wharf Road, Wendover, HP22 6HF.

Pick up from doorstep:

If you would like to donate items but are unable or would like to not leave your home, we can arrange a pickup of the items from your doorstep. If you would like to arrange this please contact Peter Swinford on 07950667895 or contact your local street warden.



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