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Council develops new reporting tool in the fight against anti-social behaviour

Buckinghamshire Council has developed a new and easy way for people to report incidents of anti-social behaviour and community safety concerns. The online form allows people to instantly record the details, whatever time of day or night. The information is then forwarded directly to the council’s Community Safety team who can assess how to progress it.

Steve Bowles, Cabinet Member for Communities, explained:

“We know that a lot of people are not sure of the best way to report anti-social behaviour, who they need to speak to or what information they need to provide. This form makes the whole process quick and easy, and the details provided can help us ensure it is forwarded to the right team or agency to deal with.”

Anti-social behaviour describes a range of behaviours or actions that can cause nuisance, annoyance, harm or distress to a person. It can include excessive noise, harassment or intimidation and abusive behaviour such as shouting or swearing.

The Community Safety team works closely with partners including the police, probation service and voluntary sector organisations to tackle issues such as anti-social behaviour, working with individuals and communities to take action where needed.

The new reporting form can be found on the council's website. Housing tenants who wish to report anti-social behaviour linked to their property should do so direct via their social landlord.

If anti-social behaviour is happening now, you should call the police on:

  • 999 if someone is in immediate danger or there is a situation that could become violent

  • 101 if it is not an emergency

For further information on safety and crime in your community visit:



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