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A message from the chairman

Wendover Is Playing It’s Part: It’s not an everyday thing but…. I agree with Boris on Covid 19. This struggle is, quite simply, the fight of our lives. We are making good progress and we, through our isolation and care, have prevented the NHS being overrun by cases. We can’t quit now though. The next battle is to prevent a second spike of infection. A spike that will loose us all of the ground that we’ve gained and trash the economy even more.

Where We Are Now: What people call Lockdown is still in place & the message is still to, wash your hands, stay at home & keep a 2.00m distance if you meet anyone from outside your household. The Wendover Parish Council Warden scheme is helping many of our neighbours who are isolating during the Pandemic. There are now around a 150 people helping out with food deliveries, prescription collection, befriending and other little jobs that means that isolation isn’t unbearable. Local food retailers are joined with us and have been ingenious in their effort to keep you safe.

Helping Us To Help You: The Wardens will do their part if you ask them too. We’ve got your back. Your commitment to stay home, is what makes this work. The commitment to the idea that staying home and not letting anyone, not friends or family members, no matter how insistent they are, into your home is key. It is what we’re told will beat this virus.

I Know How Hard This Is. I know how tempting it can be to have a crafty visit or two. My only grandson, Tommy, was born on the 5th of April. I’ve only seen him twice, and then through windows. So I know it's hard to maintain our isolation. I hope that our Wardens are making it easier for you, because isolation is the only thing that we as individuals can do to win this battle.

We’re just over a month into the fight. It’s tough going but, lets dig in and crack on.

Lets not waste the good start that we’ve made.

Tom Walsh

A Regional Warden & Chairman of Wendover Parish Council



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