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Transport for Buckinghamshire will be undertaking highway maintenance road treatment works to the carriageway at Small Dean Lane, Wendover as part of the 2021 Surface Dressing Programme.

The surface dressing is currently expected to take place on Wednesday 21st July. The work will be carried out utilising a daytime road closures in operation between 07:00hrs and 19:00hrs. Please be aware that works of this nature are extremely weather dependant and the material cannot be applied in cold or wet conditions therefore work may be subject to disruption due to inclement weather

Advance information signs will be placed on site ahead of the work. If the works are delayed due to weather or any other unforeseen circumstances, the advance information signs on site will be updated to reflect any change in dates.

Surface dressing is a quick process and we anticipate the work will take approximately ½ day to complete. Once the surface dressing treatment is underway it will not be possible to drive on the road for a short time. Every effort will be made to maintain access for residents, although there will inevitably be some delay as the road treatment works pass your property, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Access will be maintained, if required, for blue light vehicles.

It is vital that we ask that whilst works are being undertaken that vehicles are not parked on the road and/or footway, as this would obviously cause an obstruction and prevent the necessary works from being carried out in their entirety

Information about our weekly programme of work can be found on our website at where you will also find a CONTACT US form, or alternatively you can call 01296 382416 and one of my colleagues will be able to pass your enquiry through to me.

We actively use feedback to improve delivery of our schemes and would be grateful if you would complete a short customer satisfaction survey online once these works are complete via this web address:

Kind regards,

Mary McElhinney

Schemes Delivery coordinator



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