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Wendover Parking Review

The Clerk has been in discussions with the District Councillors and Transport for Bucks to provide a workable solution for the parking issues which frustrate many Wendover residents. The main areas of focus are: Vinetrees, Dobbins Lane, Chiltern Road, Perry Street and Little Hampden Close; however, this may be extended dependant of feedback received from residents. The road layout along Tring Road adjacent to Andrew Gardner’s will also be in scope for the project.

Funding has been agreed for Transport for Bucks to support the Parish Council in conducting an initial consultation with residents to establish what restrictions are best suited to their locations. The results will be reviewed with Transport for Bucks and feedback provided to the residents including the recommended solution and time frames to have the work completed.

It’s anticipated the consultation will commence during March with an aim to have all the works completed before the end of the year.



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