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Parking to remain free in all Buckinghamshire Council owned car parks until 1 August.

As residents get back to work and high streets reopen, Buckinghamshire Council has announced that free parking in all council owned car parks and on-street pay and display bays will continue until Saturday 1 August. The Council reinstated on-street car parking enforcement from 15 June and will reinstate enforcement across all 84 car parks from Monday 22 June and anyone parking illegally in a disabled bay, vehicle charging bay, restricted area, etc will receive a penalty charge notice.

The reinstatement of on and off-street parking restrictions is necessary to enable the effective traffic management of our streets and council owned car parks for the benefit of all users. However, to continue its support for local businesses as they start to re-open; and to encourage shoppers returning to the high street, the council has decided to delay the reintroduction of parking charges in its car parks and on-street pay and display bays until Saturday 1 August.

David Martin, Buckinghamshire Council Cabinet Member Logistics, said: “This is great news for our shops and businesses; and it is encouraging to see our residents returning to the high street to help with the recovery of our local economy. To encourage both shops and shoppers alike, the council has decided not to reintroduce parking charges until August.

“However, the recent increases in road traffic and use of our car parks means we need to reintroduce enforcement of parking restrictions so that our streets and car parks are safe for all users. Continued free parking provided by the Buckinghamshire Council until August will give a little extra help to residents and businesses; and I encourage everyone to make good use of it during the next few weeks.”

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