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Notice of permanent closure of vehicle access to Wendover Woods via Mansion Hill

From 10 November 2020, members of the public will be unable to park their vehicles on Mansion Hill (off B4009) for access to Wendover Woods. Mansion Hill is MOD property and not for general parking. The public foot path remains in place and individuals will still be able to reach the access point to the woods on foot or by bicycle or horse back. Anti-parking measures will be enforced.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic and the temporary closure of Wendover Woods parking, an increasingly large number of the public park on Mansion Hill to access the woods and have continued to do so despite the reopening of the dedicated Wendover Woods car parks.

Unfortunately, there have been multiple occasions where the public have parked their vehicles at the top of the walkway from the access gate to the woods, along the private road, all the way to the junction with the B4009. This causes safety issues on the road with the volume of traffic manoeuvring on a brow of a hill and has often resulted in Mansion Hill residents being unable to access their homes. This also means emergency vehicles requiring access to Mansion Hill, or the woods, would be unable to reach the area in a timely manner. In addition, the environmental damage to the immediate location due to the volume of cars in the area is getting steadily worse.

RAF Halton are working alongside the Defence Infrastructure Organisation to improve the no-parking signage on the road and will be installing appropriate anti-parking measures. RAF Halton politely asks that local residents cease parking at Mansion Hill and revert to parking at the Wendover Woods dedicated parking site.



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