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New mobile CCTV cameras installed to monitor HS2 construction vehicle activity in Buckinghamshire

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

22nd April 2021

Using HS2 Assurance funding, Buckinghamshire Council has purchased two mobile CCTV cameras with contracts to operate and move between different locations over the next five years.

Ian Thompson, Buckinghamshire Council’s Corporate Director for Planning Growth and Sustainability said: “This is a very welcome initiative and we plan to use the cameras in locations being used by HS2 construction traffic where we have the greatest concerns about road safety and the impact on our local communities.

We will be monitoring footage from the cameras to check that construction vehicles are using approved lorry routes and to review any relevant reported incidents.”

The cameras have initially been positioned at the Keepers Lane junction near Little Missenden on the A413 and the crossroads at the junction of School Hill and Perry Hill at Calvert.

More information, including a schedule of future locations will be published on our website:



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