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New grants for local businesses go live today

Businesses across Buckinghamshire who are not eligible for Covid grants set by national government are set to get more local ‘safety net’ funding through the Buckinghamshire ‘Additional Restrictions Grant’ (Bucks ARG) scheme.

The Government announced in the budget that councils would receive additional funding to support local businesses. In view of the need to provide urgent support to local firms, Buckinghamshire Council has decided that it will launch the new scheme ‘at risk’ ahead of final confirmation from Government of the exact amount it will receive and when that funding will be available. Today the council will therefore re-open the Additional Restrictions Grant programme for two additional rounds of funding.

The next round of funding in this local scheme goes live today (25 March) and is due to run until the end of April, while funds last.

Businesses can apply online at from today for both rounds of funding through a single form. Eligibility is determined through demonstrating loss of income to their business as a result of Covid. The grant is open to all sectors.

Teams at Buckinghamshire Council will fast track applications from businesses covering the first period (February losses) and pay those immediately. Payments for the second period covering loss of income in March will follow the first round of payments. Payment amounts for each grant will vary according to the number of employees for businesses – full details are on the Council’s website.

The Bucks ARG scheme was put in place to provide a financial lifeline to help local businesses who fall outside the funding criteria set out by national government under the Local Restrictions Support Grant (LRSG) or the Self Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS).

So far, more than £14 million has been paid out through the Buckinghamshire Additional Restrictions Grant scheme – helping over 3,500 businesses in Buckinghamshire who employ over 7,600 people.

For information about all the business grant support available go to Bucks Additional Restrictions Grants



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