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Message from Wendover Health Centre

Our opening hours will be 8am-6.30pm Monday to Friday until further notice. We will NOT be open on Saturday mornings nor opening late on Tuesdays. We will be open normally on 8 and 25 May, which are bank holidays. These changes are in line with all other practices in Bucks and have been made in light of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Do not come to the surgery unless you have been given an appointment or you need to fetch items from dispensary or reception. If you need medical help call us on 01296-623452 and a doctor or nurse will call you back. As far as possible you will be directed to your usual GP for non-urgent matters. If needed a face-to-face consultation will be arranged, but if you have a smartphone we now also have the ability to offer video consultations. For general queries please check our website (, and you can use this to contact us. You can also email us on

Please bear with us during these challenging times, but if you have concerns about your health do not delay in contacting us.



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