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February | View from the Chair

Following recent events, I’d be surprised if any of you are thinking “what we really need is an election”. Well the bad news is I’m afraid there’s going to be one on May 7th. The good news is it’s about the important stuff, the local stuff that you see, the local stuff that you can influence. County and Parish stuff.

The biggest upheaval in County and District politics since 1974 comes to fruition in April. The unitary authority for Buckinghamshire consigns Buckinghamshire County Council and the four District Councils to the dusty pages of history. The new organisation promises significant efficiencies and a much more locally focused operation. Fingers crossed then. So, May 7th sees the first chance for you to elect councillors to this new body. They’ll serve until 2025.

On the same day there should be a Parish Council election as well. If democracy demands it. Which brings me to why I’m bothering you in February with a May event. It’s so that you can get your campaign ready. So that you can stand for Council. We need 12 councillors if we are to have a vibrant council. If 13 or more of you come forward an election is called.

This council has improved the village facilities, campaigned on some really big issues, joined forces with organisations that are the lifeblood of the community and we listen very closely to you.

If you agree with my assessment, then why not join a successful team. If you don’t agree join anyway and work to change things.

Is it just me that thinks that it would be strange to be voting for a new organisation that promises much while a quintessentially local body that delivers so much fades away.

Tom Walsh



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