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Bucks residents – don’t miss the chance to take part in your local COP26 event this week!

9th November 2021

Tomorrow ( Wednesday 10 Nov) is the day Buckinghamshire’s own prestigious COP26 event is happening and residents can take part online, with the ‘Green Wheels in Motion’ event being live-streamed direct from Silverstone. Buckinghamshire Council and its event partners were among five successful applicants in the South East to be awarded the funding to host a COP26 Regional Roadshow. ‘Green Wheels in Motion’ will focus on sustainable transport solutions, showcasing a range of technologies and initiatives being developed and used in Buckinghamshire to decarbonise transport. It takes place at the Silverstone Enterprise Zone at event partner, ‘The Lunaz Group’s HQ and includes innovative upcycling work by the Lunaz Group that converts vehicles such as HGVs and waste collection vehicles to being able to run on electric power. Robert Bosch Ltd will also be attending and doing online demonstrations and presentations of the latest technologies – other event partners include Buckinghamshire Community Energy, Buckinghamshire Business First, Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, and England’s Economic Heartland. Buckinghamshire Council recently agreed its own wide-ranging and ambitious Climate Change and Air Quality Strategy, containing a number of costed actions to reduce carbon emissions by 75% by 2030, and to hit net zero by 2050 at the latest. The strategy includes nature-based proposals like hedgerow and tree planting and many green travel and transport initiatives too such as continuing to increase the number of electric vehicle charging points in the county plus moving the Council’s vehicle fleet over to electric power. Councillor Peter Strachan, Buckinghamshire’s Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment said: “Our local COP26 event promises to be an exciting and fascinating insight into what future greener transport will look like. The work being done in Buckinghamshire in this field is ground-breaking and will pave the way for reducing carbon emissions where transport in concerned. From trialling innovative wireless electric vehicle charging to adopting our own Climate Change strategy, we are proud of the work we are doing here in Buckinghamshire to tackle the climate crisis head on. Do take the time to watch this event, it promises to be well-worth it!” · The event will be live streamed and available to watch via the COP26 Regional Roadshows website: · You can also live stream it via our Facebook page and receive an events reminder through Facebook: · For more information and to register for the Regional Roadshows please visit the platform: · You can also register via

this Eventbrite page to get a reminder Date Wednesday 10th November Time: 11.15am – 2.30pm



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