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Aylesbury Gardenway public engagement campaign

On Wednesday 25 November Aylesbury Garden Town launched a 16-week community engagement programme to co-design the Aylesbury Gardenway. The Gardenway project is full of exciting opportunities and we want to hear from as many voices as possible to help us shape the look and feel of the route and create a place that belongs to, and will benefit them, offering a place for play, active travel, leisure and enjoyment.

Due to Covid-19 opportunities to get involved through online conversations, workshops and events, to enable partners and stakeholders to have their say and to contribute to progressing the design of the route and have a part in how the Gardenway will be used for the future enjoyment of everyone.

A Gardenway online engagement platform as it the centre of activities with participation online and by phone due to the Coronavirus. Here you can upload videos, photographs and share your thoughts, opinions, ideas and thoughts via an interactive ‘Put a Pin in it’ map. You can also join online community conversations and co-design workshops you just need to visit the website to register.

Please take the time to get involved and help us create a special place and destination point for local residents and visitors providing fully accessible routes for walking, wheeling and cycling for the residents and visitors alike encouraging play, active lifestyles, food growing and outdoor leisure as well as being a haven for wildlife.



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