• Wendover Parish Council

WPC letters of objection to Bucks with regard to the Schedule 17 Applications at Wendover Dean

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

9th April 2021

210322 Noise letter to Joan Hancox
Download PDF • 281KB
210322 Hydro letter to Joan Hancox
Download PDF • 241KB
Objection worst case envelope
Download PDF • 46KB
Objection pantograph well
Download PDF • 32KB
Objection PFN 14
Download PDF • 144KB
Objection 1) hydrogeology
Download PDF • 31KB
Objection 2) piling and hydrogeology
Download PDF • 137KB
Objection 3) drainage scheme
Download PDF • 148KB
Objection Barriers 3
Download PDF • 102KB
Objection 10261027 5
Download PDF • 408KB
Objection PFN 10
Download PDF • 159KB

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