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Wendover Youth Centre Pen Pal Scheme

Dear all,

Since the Covid -19 pandemic started and the centre has been closed, we have been continuously looking at ways in which we can engage young people and help benefit the community.

As many of you know over the last 6 weeks we have been running a pen pal scheme where young people and elderly people have been writing letters to each other during this time where people are feeling isolated, bored, cut-off and lonely

We are expanding this scheme and are trying to identify more individuals who would benefit from receiving letters from young people.

Please find more information about the scheme below:

Letter/Pen Pals:

  • We are identifying people in the community who are isolated and may be feeling lonely or cut off. The idea is for young people plan to write letters to these people to help ensure that they have some social interaction while they are isolating.

  • These letters will be written, then photographed or Scanned and sent over by email to the Youth worker (Pete Swinford - Wendover Youth Centre). They will then ensure the letters reach a selected person who is isolated. This will be done through emailing the photo of the letter to that person.

  • The person will then write a letter in reply and send it back to the youth worker (or picked up from their address if they have no access to email), who then will forward it onto the young person who wrote the original letter.

  • We feel this will not only have great benefit for that isolated person but also empower your child/ren.

  • We will check letters before sent and received to safe guard all.

  • There is a small budget for young people to get an item for their individual after the 2nd or 3rd round of letters.

  • At the end of the scheme we will hold an event at the centre where the young people and elderly individuals can meet

If you know someone (young person or isolated individual) who could benefit from this scheme then please email . We are looking to starting matching people up next week and getting the first letters out by the 1st June.



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