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View from the Chair | March

Wendover is a welcoming and a big-hearted place. The environment defenders opposing HS2’s destructive intentions are finding generous local support. It is good to know that people are prepared to put up with hardship and tempest to highlight environmental injustice.

On the 8th of February I was involved at the beginning of the WRAP cycle event. I rode a simulated mile on a fiendish “spin” bike, and all without leaving the Manor Waste. Fortunately fitter people than me put in more than the 2500 miles required to travel from Conflict to Community, the distance from Aleppo to Wendover, and in doing so raised over £9000 towards the resettlement of a Syrian refugee family and to help support them as they become part of our village community.

The Parish Council grants committee has recently considered applications for financial support from local organisations that are active and important in village life. We take pride in being able to help our community through grants and look forward to the future impact they will bring to Wendover.

You might by now have discovered the display screen that beams out it’s cheerful community messages from the Clock Tower window. It is all part of the Parish Council’s drive to keep you all informed about events and activities. Currently we’re featuring the Community Awards. Thank you to those who got involved and nominated someone for the work they do in the community. An awards panel will now get together and go through the nominations received for each category. The winners will be honoured at the Annual Parish Council Meeting on the 30th April 2020. We hope to see you there!

Tom Walsh



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