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Updated: Jun 23

9th January 2020

I’ve been talking to the local Environmental Protesters. Expect activity to grow and to become noticeable. The environmental consequences of HS2 are profoundly destructive across the Vale and, as usual HS2 Ltd are downplaying the damage and trying to make out that they’re building a green paradise railroad. Luckily people are seeing through their nonsense and the truth will out.

New local MP Rob Butler has been active in the HS2 arena. I’m hoping to fix up a meeting with him soon.

The Leader of Bucks CC, Martin Tett, recognises in his Christmas Message that the biggest challenge to be faced is HS2. It’s a shame that so far BCC support for Wendover’s scheme has been less than fulsome. Even when it’s the sustainable road network that is threatened.

The Oakervee Report still hasn’t emerged but Lord Berkeley has started his challenge to it. His dissenting report (attached) is quite scathing about it and many of the news networks have picked up on his findings. I look forward to reading Oakervee when the government backed report is released.


I’ve not had a response to my proposal that HS2/EK cover the cost of moving the Memorial Garden. We haven’t heard from AVDC about using Walnut Tree Meadow either, but we plough on.

Tom Walsh


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