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How to report dog fouling

Dog fouling is more effectively tackled when the whole community works together. The majority of dog owners act responsibly, but there are those that don’t and think they can get away with it by not picking up after their pet. If repeat dog fouling offences are reported, irresponsible dog owners may think twice about their actions.

Do you:

*Know of a dog owner who does not pick up after their pet? *If the dogs are usually exercised at a certain time during the day? *Know what time(s) are the offences occurring and where? *Have a description of what the dog(s) look like? *Have a description of the person walking the dog? *Know if the dog walker is using a car and what is the number on the registration plate?

Dog fouling incidents can be reported to AVDC, via an online form. However you may find it easier to e-mail us the details, we can then collate and send to AVDC.

Details/Complaints should be sent to help us to achieve a cleaner, healthier Wendover, please provide as much information as you can.

Dog wardens are authorised to serve fixed penalty notices on anyone allowing their dog to foul in a public place. Offenders can be issued with a fixed penalty notice or a fine of up to £1,000 if the case goes to court.



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