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December | View from the Chair

This is my, slightly early, chance to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I recently opened an extension to the Witchell carpark. I know that many people feel that Wendover has a parking problem and I'm sure that the extra spaces will be well used. It's a great place to park if you work in Wendover or if you’re going hiking in the surrounding area. If it works out as planned, it should free up central parking spaces for shoppers.

HS2 takes up quite lot of my time, but I've still managed to fit in other interests in the community. WRAP is a local organisation that is working to house a refugee family in Wendover. They are making headway through a sea of red tape and it looks very promising. The Community Library is a real Wendover success story. I'm involved in a committee to extend both the premises and the scope of activities available at the library. I'm also keeping up an involvement with the Dementia groups and Lindengate. All of these causes have one thing in common, they are successful because of their volunteers and they all need more volunteers. All of them offer a route to challenges, satisfaction and friendship. So, this Christmas don't just wonder what to give to charity, why not give them some of your time.

Tom Walsh



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