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Charity Event Signage - Signage Permit General Conditions

There are several conditions when erecting Charity Event Signage around the village. Did you know that signs should be freestanding and on no account are they to be attached to road signs, lamp columns, street furniture, etc.

There are public notice boards at Ashbrook Open Space and the Library, and charities/non-profit organisations can also book the Clock Tower window to advertise events.

Below is a full list of the conditions.

Sign Permit General Conditions

1. Signs are not to be erected more than two weeks before the event and are to be taken down immediately after the event.

2. The signs are to be confined to the immediate locality of the event and shall be positioned as far back from the edge of the carriageway as possible at each location. A maximum of 4 signs only are allowed per event.

3. The signs should be at least 1 metre from any junction and not obstruct any visibility splay, foot way or vehicular access; nor shall they be placed in such a position as to contravene any traffic regulation order or impede fire hydrants, inspection covers or Statutory Undertakers’ apparatus.

4. The signs are to be freestanding and on no account are they to be attached to road signs, lamp columns, street furniture, etc.

5. The maximum size of the signs is to be 1.0 sq metre.

6. The signs should be properly constructed and fit for the purpose and on removal the highway shall be left in a clean and tidy condition and any damage shall be repaired to the satisfaction of the highway authority.

7. The location of any Statutory Undertaker’s plant must be ascertained prior to the erection of signs.

8. Any claim on the Local Council resulting from any incident involving the signs will be referred to the person/organisation that erected the signs. It is advisable that suitable cover against any such claim is provided by an appropriate insurance policy.

Failure to comply with any conditions specified in this permission will result in the removal of the signs and, in accordance with Section 149 of the Highways Act 1980, any costs incurred may be recovered from the promoting body.



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