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Anne Wales




I decided to apply join the Wendover Parish Council in order to help to keep this beautiful market town with wonderful scenery and lovely open spaces a great place to live.


I have lived in or near Wendover since1972 apart from a few 'postings' abroad for my husbands work, but we always returned to Wendover as I have family here and I so love it. I retired back to Wendover in 2009 after spending some years in the USA and have lived here ever since. 


My interests are singing with Wendover Choral Society and Great Missenden Choral Society, going to concerts and the theatre in London and visiting as many National Trust houses in England as I can!


Wendover is very beautiful with a great feeling of community. I am very interested in keeping  up the good work of those who have served on the Parish Council in the past.

Anne Wales
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