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Wendover Cycleway Improvements

Welcome to our latest bulletin provides local residents and businesses with up to date information on the Wendover Cycleways project. Overview The council has secured £500K from HS2 for sustainable travel improvement. This project aims to:

  • improve connectivity in Wendover and therefore help promote sustainable travel

  • encourage cycling for shorter journeys in Wendover through developing the cycling network

This bulletin provides details on the works completed this month, along with the planned works to be undertaken next week.

Works Recently Completed

Planing and Red High Friction Surfacing Across Side Road Junctions At some junctions, contractors have planed and surfaced side road junction to create a smoother cycleway along the Amber Way cycleway into Wendover. In addition to this, the majority of the side road junction have had red high friction surfacing laid to encourage road users entering and exiting the side roads to give way to cyclist and pedestrians using the Amber Way. More information on the changes to the highway code can be found via this link: The Highway Code: 8 changes you need to know from 29 January 2022 - GOV.UK ( The photos below show the new surface at the Victory Road junction along with the red surfacing applied to this junction and the Halton Lane junction. Centre white lines and new give-way markings will be applied next week. In line with the new highway code, with pedestrians and cyclists having priority crossing side-road junctions, contractors are currently in the process of removing the give-way brickwork at the end of each side-road junction.

Footway Widening near Wendover Health Centre and Wharf Road

This month the contractors have been undertaking footway widening works near Wendover Health Centre and along a section of Wharf Road. Unfortunately, until a lighting column along Wharf Road has been disconnected and removed, the surfacing on a section of footway at the Wharf Road / Aylesbury Road junction (highlighted in orange in the plan below) cannot be completed. Instead the footway has been surfaced to binder course, with the final surfacing being completed once the lighting column has been removed.

Works to be undertaken w/c 28 March

  • Finish the removal of give-way brickwork at the side-road junctions off Aylesbury Road

  • Plane and surface the Wharf Road and Manor Crescent junction

  • Apply red High Friction Surfacing to the remaining junctions - Castle Park Road, Wharf Road, Health Care Centre Entrance and the junction on Manor Road between Manor Crescent and Tring Road

  • Paint give-way markings and centre white lines to the side road junctions off Aylesbury Road

  • Paint cycleway symbols onto the carriageway along Dobbins Lane, Coombe Avenue, Wharf Road and the Railway Station car park

  • Erect cycleway signage across the site of the project

  • Commence the construction of the steps at the top of Coombe Avenue

Anticipated Construction Working Times

Working times: Footway 08:00 - 16:00 Carriageway: 09:30 - 15:30

We have a dedicated mailbox for this project at and we welcome emails and queries about the scheme, or you can email if you wish to unsubscribe from this bulletin list. You can also contact the Highways Infrastructure Team on 0300 131 6000. Latest news on the Wendover Cycleway Improvements project is available at our project webpage, which will be kept up to date as the project progresses. Some questions asked during the public consultation have been answered in the Consultation Response Document.



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