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Sheet Piling

8th October 2021

The below notice is for the sheet piling works that will be taking place in the Small Dean area from 22nd October. The works are scheduled to take place over four weekends during which time a full closure of the rail line will be in place as well as a closure of Small Dean Lane. In order to get these works completed as quickly as possible EKFB have received Section 61 consent from Bucks county council to work for 24 hours a day during the weekends, the rail line will open in time for the Monday morning commute.

Sheet piling work is noisy, EKFB have stated they will be undertaking the least noisy method of work and doing everything they can to reduce the noise, they will also have noise monitors positioned at various locations and Southdowns, their noise monitoring contractor, will also be undertaking attended noise monitoring at various locations to ensure they do not exceed permitted limits.

Please see below document for more information.

1MC12-EKF-IN-NTE-CS04-000025 Notice of Works - Small Dean Sheet Piling
Download PDF • 338KB



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