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Read Michael Byng's report proving a mined tunnel is cheaper, quicker and greener.

Updated: Jun 22

25th June 2020

It has for many years been obvious to Wendover Parish Council (WPC) that, if HS2 was to go ahead, the best mitigation for Wendover is a tunnel. A tunnel solves the visual blight, the noise issue, maintains the vital aquifer and springs and prevents the destruction of habitats.

WPC, faced with the blank obstructionism of DfT/HS2 Ltd., was fortunate to find the support of one of the best known tunnelling experts (who designed us a tunnel) and the additional support of Michael Byng, an internationally renowned infrastructure costing expert (who work out the cost of our proposal relative to that which HS2 Ltd wish to impose on us)

The Wendover Mined tunnel proposal is CHEAPER, QUICKER and GREENER to construct. Read Michael's report that proves that by clicking HERE

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