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HS2 February 2019

1st February 2019

A technical report from our tunnelling specialists, OTB Engineering, is the big news.

The report details the practicality of the mined tunnel solution, refutes the DfT/HS2 ltd arguements against the proposal and clearly demonstrates that our proposal is indeed Cheaper, Quicker and Simpler.

The report is being circulated to Ministers, MP's, Councils and other organisations with interest in HS2 issues.

HS2 remains unpopular with many politicians. Dame Cheryl Gillan MP forced the Prime Minister to defend HS2 when she called for it to be scrapped at PMQ's on 9 January.

Our lobbying programme proceeds. In January we met with Dominic Grieve MP who promised to help us in our efforts to get access to reports that will have arisen from the "supposed" DfT review of our tunnel proposal and that its arguments are based on something else altogether. It is clear from the arguments they put forward, arguments riddled with inaccuracies and errors, that DfT/HS2 are looking at the wrong thing and quite possibly, in the wrong place. By getting it so wrong they are, as the OTB report shows, missing out on a massive cost saving and brutalising the AONB for no good reason.

We've had a good response from many of you who have emailed David Lidington, david.lidington.mp@parliament.uk and Nusrat Ghani, nusrat.ghani.mp@parliament.uk

Please help keep up the pressure. It's helping our community.

Tom Walsh

Chairman of the Wendover Parish Council

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