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Have your say: Council size consultation

The Local Government Boundary Commission wants to know what residents and local organisations in Buckinghamshire think would be the ideal number of councillors to serve on the council. An 8-week consultation is running from Tuesday 7 September to Saturday 2 November.

The commission is the independent body that reviews electoral and boundary arrangements for local authorities. It does this to make sure that the arrangements are fair and that they help the council work effectively. It is reviewing Buckinghamshire as it's a newly established authority.

After consulting on the number of councillors that should serve on the council, the commission will then seek further local input that will help decide the wards for the council area.

The commission is focusing on three proposals:

  • The council has proposed that there should be 120 councillors.

  • The former county council proposed 98 councillors when the new unitary authority was being considered.

  • A report commissioned by Buckinghamshire Business First in 2014 suggested a range of 65 to 80 councillors.

The commission considers at this stage that the upper limit of this range is more likely to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the council. However, it welcomes alternative views.

Buckinghamshire Council currently has 147 councillors, with 3 elected from each of the previous county council electoral divisions. This is an interim arrangement. Following the commission’s review, long term arrangements will apply from local elections in 2025. There will be no changes to the external boundaries of parishes.

You can view the consultation documents and give your views online. Alternatively, you can put your opinion across by contacting the commission via email on



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