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Bacombe Hill bridleway and footpath surface improvements, including temporary closure of bridleway

30th June 2021

The work to be carried out soon will improve the footpath and bridleway surface at the base of the hill and will take up to 4 weeks. Note that the bridleway will temporarily close when work starts and so it is not closed yet. We need to temporarily close the bridleway because it is such a confined space – the contractors can get the work done safely and quickly without passing public. The plan is to do the footpath and then the bridleway, so the bridleway will be open for a while yet. Notices about the bridleway closure have been on-site for a few days now and, when work starts, the contractor will be putting up further signs and traffic cones etc to inform the public how to visit the area safely. We hope people won’t try to get onto the bridleway during the works because there is a legal order to temporarily stop public access and this order is for everyone’s safety. Also, the surface will bed in better if it has time to settle without being used and ‘bedding in’ is weather-dependent.

The bridleway work only affects the lower part of the route but the lack of connecting bridleways on the lower and middle slopes of the hill mean that any cyclist or horse rider wanting to avoid having to back-track will be best not to venture far along the bridleway from Low Scrubs car park. Connecting routes for walkers are more numerous so there are lots of alternative routes to choose from.

Please see the below document for alternative routes.

Bacombe Hill bridleway diversion routes map
Download PDF • 1.34MB



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