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WPC purchase community litter pickers

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

Wendover Parish Council have purchased some litter pickers, handy hoops and recycled refuse bags to be loaned out (no charge!!) to any individuals or groups who could make use of them to conduct the litter picking activities.

If you would like to borrow the litter picking equipment please pop along to the Clock Tower Monday - Friday 08:30am - 4:30pm to collect.

AVDC provides free collections of picked and bagged litter, but need litter pick organisers to inform them prior to any events, they are currently unable to separate the waste for recycling so we suggest keeping a separate bag for this and recycling it via your residential recycling bin.

Remember to tag us in your photographs and stories on Facebook @wendoverparish , alternatively you can email with your photos.

Please note that permission must be obtained from all those photographed before posting images online and, if sending by email, please provide confirmation that permission has been obtained. Those under 16 will need the permission of their parent or carer. Images emailed to us may be used for promotional purposes.

Did you know Wendover News started a Fighting Plastic Group on Facebook? Click HERE to visit the group where you will find lots of useful discussions and advice on how you can fight plastic in your home.



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