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Best Kept Village 2019 | We have entered!

Updated: May 3, 2019

WPC have decided to enter to win the Tindall Cup in Buckinghamshire’s Best Kept Village Competition this year!

Based on Wendover winning the 2018 Michaelis Cup (towns with a population over 3000) and the Sword of Excellence (the overall winner), we can only enter to win the Tindall Cup this year.

We really need to come together as a Community to go above and beyond to receive another cup this year. WPC has organised a Working Group who have drawn up an action plan for the office and grounds team staff.

The judging criteria includes overall appearance, volume of litter and evidence of Community effort. So please do what you can in your own personal capacity by keeping gardens nice and tidy and avoid parking on grass verges. Judging will take place during June and the first week of July, let us remind the judges why we won last year and why we should win the Tindall Cup this year!

Please click on the below links to read more about the rules and marking schedule for the 2019 competition.



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