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Throwing Litter from Vehicles

Litter spoils our village and environment, attracting pests and encouraging others to litter. It can include anything from a cigarette butt, chewing gum, a crisp packet, to a bag of rubbish. It also includes food waste, even though this may rot down over time.

Wendover does appear litter free on most occasions, this is due to the good work by the AVDC Street cleaner and the WPC grounds team.

We do have a particular issue with litter along South Street/London Road and a resident has reported issues along the brook at Halton Lane. This is due to litter being thrown from vehicles. Anyone who drops litter is committing a crime, this includes throwing litter from vehicles. If you litter you can be prosecuted in the courts and fined up to £2,500. Let’s all strive to be Litter Hero’s in Wendover!



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