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The Healthy Living Centre Winter Hardship Fund Referral process

The HLC’s Winter Helping Hands Hardship fund will be distributed in partnership with the Clare foundation to families in need throughout Aylesbury, Chesham and High Wycombe.

We will be distributing vouchers/items to families in need to pay towards a variety of needs (identified on an individual basis). For example, amazon tablets, vouchers for school uniforms, shoes, or winter coats.

We will look at each family and their specific needs and would be able to offer multiple vouchers in cases of larger families with greater need.

Eligible families will fall under at least one of the following:

• Universal credit

• Disability allowance

• Pensions credit

• Referral from relevant professional e.g. assessment form completed by EYP, social services or GP/health worker

How to Refer

1. When completing the referral form you must have consent from the person to refer them. One of the above categories must be met which the professional can confirm at point of referral (checked when referral is received).

2. ‘Password protect’ the referral form if emailing the document, or call Lauren to make the referral over the phone. Self-referrals are possible too, if this preferred please share Lauren’s contact info with the person/family.

3. When the referral is received at HLC it is triaged to assess support needs and the person referred will be contacted in 2weeks. When issues are taken into consideration, the referrer is notified of what support has been given.

4. Submit the referral directly to Lauren: Activities Coordinator at The Healthy Living Centre Mon-Fri 9-5pm (same details as HLC telephone befriender)

Tel: 07984428678

Email: activitiescoordinator@healthylivingcentre.com

Referral Form

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