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October | View from the Chair

The Wendover Parish Council offers a way for the community to move issues forward. You talk and we listen, and things will slowly improve.

I’m in an optimistic frame of mind, it must be the sunny weather, and I’m focusing on a few of the Parish Council’s recent achievements this month.

One of the big issues that keeps coming up is speeding in the village. We now have an active Community Speed Watch group monitoring the 30mph roads. I’m told that there’s still room for more volunteers if you fancy it. Tied into that are the new speed watch warning signs at each main road entrance to Wendover. Our vehicle activated signs, VAS, now gather useful data on traffic speeds as they remind drivers of the speed limit. Following the meeting I had with Cllr. Steve Bowles of BCC and the Deputy Police Commissioner Matthew Barber, we’re getting some enforcement of the speed limit on the bypass. A Police speed trap on the bypass in August caught 20 speeding drivers in one hour. The fastest was reported at 82mph, 22mph over the 60mph limit. This is particularly good as enforcement generates data to support our push to get average speed cameras on the bypass.

The Wendover Parish Council sponsored two sessions of Play in the Park during August. It’s a well-tried formula where energetic helpers bring a van loaded down with games and craft materials, and then the fun commences. It looked like great fun when I dropped in. Both sessions took place in Ashbrook and were very well attended.

Our Clerk Keith is grateful to the Highways department. He informed Transport for Bucks about potholes in Briants Acre. They were done the next day. I’ll join Keith in hoping that this speedy service is going to become the norm.

Tom Walsh



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