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Bucks Lottery celebrates two years of supporting local good causes

The Buckinghamshire Lottery is celebrating its second birthday. In the last year, it has raised over £125,000 for the local community and over £27,000 has been given away in prizes. So far more than 350 local good causes in Buckinghamshire have signed up as a fun and effective way to raise funds for their valued services in the community. Any local charities or not-for-profit groups such as parent teacher associations and sports clubs, looking to fundraise can register free of charge at any time to take part in the Buckinghamshire Lottery.

Steve Bowles, Cabinet Member for Communities said: “Over the past two years we are proud that the Buckinghamshire Lottery has helped to support so many valuable causes. One of the best things about the Buckinghamshire Lottery is that supporters are able to choose the good causes that matter personally to them.”

Any local charity or not for profit group can sign up to benefit from the scheme. Steve explained: “We would advise other causes thinking of joining the lottery to sign up, it’s free and really easy to get started. There is a huge amount of support given as well as advice and tips on fundraising.”

Supporters can win weekly cash prizes of up to £25,000 for just £1 per ticket and if you enter before Saturday, 23 April 2022 you will also be in with the chance of winning the national prize, of a £1,000 B&Q gift card.

Visit our website to see which good causes you can support, and buy a ticket today online at:

Steve continued: “At least 60% from each ticket sold goes directly to the cause of your choice. Unlike larger lotteries, the majority of your ticket purchase comes back into the community and the odds of winning a prize are much better, at an amazing 50:1. It really is a win-win scenario. Even if you don’t win a cash prize you can be content in knowing that you are making a real difference in your local community!”



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