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August | View from the Chair

Summer really suites Wendover, whether you like a bit of sunbathing or you just want to sit under a tree in the shade, you’ll find plenty of options. Maybe a relaxed beer garden or a refreshing swim is more what you fancy. Street cafes, exotic food, wonderful ice creams, for a village we’ve got staycations covered.

They say that no where’s perfect and to prove that premise the summer brings the whine of speeding motorcycles from the Wendover bypass. The nocturnal variant of this irritation is particularly noticeable on these warmer evenings, with our windows open. I’ve just had a meeting with Mathew Barber, The Assistant Police Commissioner to see what enforcement measures can be brought to bear on these pests.

A little ying and yang in Wendover, we recently had a night of antisocial behaviour in our play parks. Nothing earth shattering, just idiots, but broken glass in the kids play area did pose a safety threat, one that was quickly dealt with by our groundsmen. Then on the other hand the WPC, through Cllr. Steve Worth, has been working with the redoubtable Lola, from the Wendover Middle School, who has developed a program to encourage children of all ages to pick up litter. So, on the one hand a few unthinking idiots, and on the other hand bright kids who value their community and will work hard to make it better. I’m with the bright kids.

Tom Walsh



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