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Sheila Bulpett

Chair - Councillor Sheila Bulpett

I have been a Councillor since May 2015. I became the Chair of the Parish Council in February 2021, I previously held the posts of Finance and Planning Committee chairs. I have lived in Wendover since February 1985 when we moved back to be close to my husband’s family and the place of his childhood. We have four children, all attended local schools and activities so we have been involved with the community since then. After university I worked as a Research Chemist before starting the family. Later I completed a PGCE to become a secondary school science teacher in various local schools. After 19 years I retired to devote more time to family and interests which include art, music, gardening and pilates. I am a member of U3A, Chiltern Society, BBOWT and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Committees: Planning, Amenities, Finance & Staffing

Ward Areas: 

Castle Park Road, Walnut Drive, Water Meadow Way, Mercer’s Meadow, Lifre Drive, Grenville Avenue, Carrington Crescent, Halton Lane, Moor Park, Willowbrook and Stanhope Close.

Jo Durden Moore

Vice-Chair  -  Councillor Jo Durden-Moore

I have been a Councillor since July 2020 and Vice-Chair since May 2021.  Alongside my Councillor role, I am a Governor at Aylesbury Grammar School, work with Wendover Resettlement Assistance Programme (WRAP), am a mentor for the National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) and hold the Global Brand Director position for IT company Lenovo.


Relocation brought me to Bucks 5 years ago with my husband and 4 rescue dogs & cats. We settled just outside of Wendover and love everything that the market town and the surrounding villages have to offer. Passionate about animals, wildlife, yoga, walking, the environment, upcycling and the power of community.  I truly believe there is so much we can all achieve individually and collectively for our villages, towns, and communities. 


Wendover Parish will require visionary planning for the future, to ensure sensitive development of our vibrant and historic market town and that it can retain all that makes it so very special and unique. Wendover has much to offer but has many pressures on it, not only having to serve those who reside and work in the Parish, but also many of the ‘feeder villages’ who depend on Wendover too. I hope that our Council can continue its sterling work supporting the Parish and all those who depend on it, and I am proud to be part of this eclectic group of people.

Committees: Finance & Staffing

Ward Areas: 

Tring Road, Colet Road, Hampden Road, Boddington Road, Woolerton Crescent, Barlow Road, Beechwood Lane, Compton Road.

Jennifer Ballantine

Councillor Jennifer Ballantine

I came to Wendover in 1964 as my husband joined the G.P. Practice.  We came with one child and had four more here in Wendover. Currently I am on the Staffing, Planning and Amenities Committees on the Parish Council.  I am also heavily involved as a Verger at St. Marys Church.  I also help at the Youth Centre, where I am a Trustee.  I am also on the Committee for Wendover Dementia Alliance. I am extremely interested in  tennis, but sadly no longer play but I do play table tennis, bridge and scrabble.  I love Wendover and being on the Parish Council is a good way of helping people.

Committees: Planning, Amenities, Staffing

Ward Areas: 

Witchell, Little Hampden Close, South Street,  Chapel Lane, Church Lane, Hogtrough Lane, Bacombe Lane, Hale Road and Hale Lane.

Stephen Worth

Councillor Stephen Worth

I have been a resident in Wendover since 1983 having had my last RAF posting at RAF Halton. I then spent 15 years working for the Home Office until retirement. I was co-opted to the Parish Council in 2005 and elected in 2007. I have served the Council as Chairman and have chaired all Committees since then. I am currently serving as a member of the Amenities, Finance, Staffing and Planning Committees.  I am also a trustee of the Community Library and represent the Council on the Community Board and the Management Committee of the Memorial Hall.

Committees: Planning, Amenities, Finance & Staffing

Ward Areas: 

Manor Road, Manor Crescent, Ickneild Close, Grange Gardens, Wharf Close, The Paddocks, Holly Court and Wharf Road.

Diane Washington

Councillor Diane Washington

I was born and raised in Wendover and was educated at the local Schools. After moving around the country, and a three year stint living in the USA, I returned to Wendover in 1988.  I have 2 daughters that both went to John Colet and both still work and live locally, I also have a grandaughter that is currently at Wendover C of E School. I have over 30 years’ experience in customer services, both in banking and clinical environments. I currently live and work in the centre of Wendover and enjoy meeting and talking to local people about all aspects of our community.

My interests include genealogy, reading and quizzes but most of all I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, walking my dog Mr Pickles and visiting my Sister in the USA. As a councillor I hope to make a difference and be involved in shaping the future of the local community.  To become someone who will help in decisions for the benefit of local people, serving the community and acting to improve the quality of life while preserving the heart and character of Wendover.

Committees: Planning, Amenities & Staffing

Ward Areas: 

Pound Street, Dobbins Lane (High Street to Chiltern Road), Vinetrees, Mill Mead, The Pennings, Forest Close, Combe Avenue, Gables Close, Ellesborough Road and Station Approach.

Sam Walker Bio Photo.jpeg

Councillor Sam Walker

My wife and I moved to Wendover in 2016, and we love the town’s bustle and its warmth. We have 3 boys, all in school and nursery in Wendover. I am a qualified solicitor and work full time as Head of Legal at a property management company. I became involved with the Parish Council through joining its Open Spaces working group. I applied to become a councillor to help protect all that is great about Wendover and to work on the bits that can be made even better.

Committees: Planning & Amenities

Ward Areas: 

High Street, Back Street, Great Lane, Holland Close, Chandos Place, Honey Banks, Clay Lane and The Poplars.

Mark Standen.jpg

Councillor Mark Standen

Having grown up in North West London I followed the well-trodden trail up the A41 via Watford and Chesham and eventually settled in Wendover over 4 years ago with my wife and 2 primary school age boys. I am a freelance Sustainable Construction Consultant specialising in energy modelling and therefore have a professional and personal interest in climate change and sustainability.

I enjoy watching and participating in all sports - particularly running, skateboarding and football (I’ve been a Watford FC season ticket holder for a long time!). I also love music, going to the pub and enjoying the beautiful outdoors on our doorstep. I currently chair the Wendover open spaces working group, I am therefore keen to improve the outdoor amenities in Wendover particularly for young people. 

Committees: Planning & Amenities

Ward Areas: 

Old Tring Road, Haddington Close, Warneford Avenue, Tedder Road, Halton Wood Road, The Beeches, Wendover Heights and Badgers Meadow.

Julie Williams.jpg

Councillor Julie Williams

I live in Wendover with my husband and our daughter who attends John Hampden school. I hope to contribute to the improvement and maintenance of what Wendover has to offer for young people and families. I am also passionate about supporting local businesses so that we as a community encourage the enterprising skills of local people over large commercial interests. I support sustainable local development and the protection of our environment.

Committees: Amenities, Finance & Staffing

Ward Areas: 

Dobbins Lane (Chiltern Road to Lionel Avenue), Lionel Avenue, Orchard Close, The Cedars, Parton Close, Lionel Close, Bridleways and Thornton Crescent.

Julie LE.jpg

Councillor Julie Lloyd-Evans

I have lived in Wendover since 2017, although, having grown-up in Stone, had two of my boys attend John Colet School and worked in outdoor education in both Aston Clinton and Wendover I have a long standing connection with this lovely market town.


My voluntary work and career has been primarily within education, firstly as a secondary school teacher and then working with charities and running my own business as an outdoor education provider.  I hence really appreciate the natural environment that Wendover and the surrounding landscape has to offer.


As a councillor I want to support all to have the best possible experience living, visiting or working within Wendover. My particular interests are; peoples health and wellbeing, protecting and enhancing  the natural environment, climate action and supporting local businesses and organisations to enable Wendover to thrive.

Committees: Amenities

Ward Areas: 

Babington Road, Wood Lane, Portal Lane, Hospital Circular Road, Trenchard Avenue, Longcroft Avenue and Lambe Road.


Councillor Clive Gallagher

My wife and I have been local residents since 1994, having originated from North West London. Our children were educated in local schools in Wendover & Aylesbury. I am semi-retired from a career in Finance & Banking, which involved me working in many countries around the world. I am now actively involved in working with a number of local charities. I am a keen sports fan, having been an active participant in both athletics and football in my youth and now enjoy running, walking and playing golf. I believe in social justice, the need to address climate change and I want to help local businesses to thrive and ensure Wendover remains a place we can all enjoy.

Committees: Finance

Ward Areas: 

Haglis Drive, Cavendish Close, Linden Lea, Reddings Close, Perry Street, Nightingale Road, Sydney Terrace and Bryants Acre.


Councillor Ruth Malleson

I’ve lived in Dunsmore for over 20 years.  I'm an independent anthropologist and agroforestry with over 30 years’ experience of research, working and teaching in the fields of climate change, learning outside the classroom, rural livelihoods, community forestry, pastoralism, agriculture, natural resource management and monitoring and evaluation. I've worked mainly in Sub Saharan Africa, S.E. Asia and Eastern Europe, with NGOs, donors, governments, research institutions and universities including Global Witness, Rainforest Foundation UK, Fern, European Union, Commonwealth Secretariat, Global Environment Facility, World Wide Fund for Nature and the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office. I've also worked in the UK, with Buckinghamshire Council, as Home Compost Development Officer and the Environment Agency.  

I love walking in the Chiltern Hills and along the Ridgeway, open water swimming, beekeeping, organic gardening and rewilding. I want to contribute to making Wendover Parish a happy, vibrant and environmentally sustainable place to live, work and to visit to enjoy the beautiful Chiltern Hills and open spaces of Aylesbury Vale.  I also want to contribute to Wendover Parish reducing its carbon footprint and putting in place measures to ensure that it is well adapted to climate change. As I live in Dunsmore, a small hamlet about 2 miles outside of Wendover, I think I am able to provide a useful perspective of a resident of WPC, but one that lives in a small, less accessible community than Wendover itself.  

Ward Areas: 

World's End Lane, Aylesbury Road (North from Lionel Avenue), Nash Lee End, Dunsmore and Wendover Dean.

Rob Goodall.jpg

Councillor Robert Goodall

I have been co-opted as a councillor in August 2021. I have been a Wendover resident since 2018 having lived across Bucks previously in Amersham and Marlow. I live here with my partner and daughter who is soon to start John Hampden School. Professionally, I am a Chartered Transport Planning working for a well-respected international mutli-disciplinary engineering company in central London. My work focus and interests lie in trying to address the climate challenge, the benefits of walking, cycling and sustainable transport for health, wellbeing and the environment, and masterplanning for new developments. I have good experience in the English planning system and hope to use these skills to support the Parish Council in any way I can.   


I am a keen runner, cyclist and footballer and still manage to get along for the Wendover dad's 5-a-side weekly. I am competing in both the London Marathon this year and Edinburgh Marathon in early 2022 so you may catch me pounding the pavements around the town and the trails in the woods for my training.  


As a councillor I want to use my experience to try and ensure that we can make the most of future opportunities to continue to make Wendover an incredible place to work, live and play. There are so many great things about this place which we call home and many challenges that we are likely to face over the coming years, so I'm very excited to be part of a passionate energised Parish Council that strives to do the best for its residents. 

Committees: Finance

Ward Areas: 

Aylesbury Road (High Street to Lionel Avenue), Chiltern Road, Vicarage Close, Chiltern Close, Russel Court, Victory Road and St Anne's Close.

20210804_201728 (1).jpg

Andrew Barnard


My family and I have been residents in Wendover since Apr 2019 and we hope to enjoy many more years here, I say hope as I currently serve in the military and would love to see my time out here. Our family is settled, with our boys attending local schools and sports clubs.


We run a not for profit football club in the North West of England, it's a 1 star England accredited club, aiming for 3 stars over the next 10 years. We couldn't do any of it without the help of our committee. Our message is child cancer awareness.


Community means everything to us and having served in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan, I saw great strength in communities where the people had nothing. 


Our passions are shared throughout our family, we love to get out and recharge in nature, eat healthily & socialise as well as enjoying football on a big scale.


As a family, we believe a little GRATTITUDE goes a long way and we are thankful for what we have, we are truly blessed.


We support community projects, personal empowerment via sound and proven knowledge, local businesses, natural healing and a POSITIVE approach, after all, the glass is always half full.

Ward Areas: TBC

Parish Council Staff

Clerk: Lynda Baker
Deputy Clerk: Amanda Massingham
Assistant Clerk: Cheryl Akeroyd
Senior Groundsman: Andy Dunn
Groundsman: Stefan Ziolkowski

County Councillors

Cllr Stephen Bowles

Cllr Peter Strachan

Cllr Richard Newcombe