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Haddington Playpark Update (formerly the Helicopter Park)

Based on a meetings held beginning of August, and at time of going to press, the works on the new playpark will be starting on 22nd August, now that planning has been agreed, providing all pieces of equipment have arrived, and the job shall run for 4 weeks.

The access/storage/plant/welfare elements will be via Haddington Close, and residents should expect communications from the Ministry of Défense on the details of this. 

There is an anticipated Labour Force of between 3 & 5 people working between the hours of 08.00am – 16.00hrs Monday to Friday only.  Access has been agreed to be by the Haddington Close.

The rubber that is presently on the playpark is to stay with an additional top-coat to be laid (depth of 100mm) this will run to the edge of the edging/pathway that is also remaining. Heras Fencing will encompass the area, this will be triple clipped to assist in ways to prevent people entering/vandalism following the reasons the old playpark was removed, no tools will be left in this area and a lot of Safety Signage to be present.

The MOD Police and the Local Police along with the local school are all behind this installation and promoting it as a good feel factor and will assist where they can in minimising any damage during installation and going forwards.

Once completed, Wendover Parish Council will be responsible for the upkeep of the grounds to the curtilage of the bow top fencing and the Annual Safety Inspections following Installation.

URGENT EXCITING NEWS: The Playpark at Haddington Close (AKA The Helicopter Park) is returning!


Wendover Parish Council are pleased to advise that, after considerable feedback from parishioners and consultation with the MOD and support from Rob Butler MP, the recently dismantled Haddington Close Park aka ‘The Helicopter Park’ is going to be replaced. 


Significant funds have been allocated to rectify the situation so there will be brand new play furniture installed and the Parish Council is going to take over the maintenance of this valued community space.


There are TWO DESIGNS which have been shortlisted, one with a helicopter theme and one without and we need YOUR INPUT in order to ensure that your views, and your children’s views, are incorporated into the final design before it goes into production in April, for installation in June, before the summer holidays!


Please let us know which design you like by viewing the two options below and completing the form. We welcome any suggestions you may have to your chosen design.


Closing date is 12pm on Monday 28th March 2022.

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