Good Neighbour Scheme 1-01.png

For the past year, during an unprecedented time, the Parishioners of Wendover have been supported with an army of volunteers helping those in need due to the pandemic restrictions.  

It has been an extraordinary example of community spirit, selflessness and commitment from those who set up the scheme, maintained it over the past year and all the voluntary wardens.

Our most heartfelt thanks go to every single one of those who stepped up to help and provide support where it was needed the most.  As we hopefully come out of lockdown over the coming month or so, the need for support, we anticipate, will continue to reduce. The wardens who are still supporting their neighbours will continue to do so at their discretion based on the need, whilst the entire Good Neighbourhood Scheme will be placed as a ‘reserve force’ into our Parish Emergency Plans for when the Parish requires it in the future. 


We sincerely hope that all our Parishioners will be able to enjoy the town & surrounding villages open up around us, and wish everyone a happy & healthy and summer.