There is a Countywide Public Consultation - Parking, Movement and Speed Orders Review which has recently gone live and is being managed by Buckinghamshire Council. This is separate to the Wendover Parking Consultation which is still under review by Buckinghamshire Council and BC should update us in in early July.


We are notifying citizens of Wendover about this new county wide consultation as there are areas of Wendover that are included. This consultation closes on 21/06/2022. The effect of these Orders is to introduce or amend parking restrictions, parking permits, Speed Limits and restrict traffic movement in various areas throughout the Buckinghamshire Council Highway Network.


You are invited by Buckinghamshire Council to view the consultation here https://yourvoicebucks.citizenspace.com/ under “The Buckinghamshire Council (Prohibition of Loading, Waiting and Stopping) and (On- Street Parking Places) Order 2021 (Amendment No. 002) Order 2022. The Buckinghamshire Council (Speed Limit) Order 2021 (Amendment No. 003) Order 2022. The Buckinghamshire Council (Traffic Movement) Order 2021 (Amendment No. 004) Order 2022”. The parking review came into effect on 20/05/2022 and closes on 21/06/2022.