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All planning applications are submitted to BC as the Local Planning Authority and are found on the planning portal:-

Once BC have validated applications they are uploaded on to the portal.  Members of the public, including Parish Councils, can view all the plans and can add their comments via the portal.

Each application has an “Important Dates” tab which clearly states deadline dates which occur during the process of the planning application. BC should reach a decision in 8 weeks from the date of submitting the application or 13 weeks for larger scale developments.

Each application is assigned to a Case Officer and it is his/her job to involve other parties if required i.e. parking issues etc.

In some cases BC may refer some more complicated applications to the Development Management Committee whose role is to exercise the Council’s functions as the local planning authority. 

The Development Management Committee meet on a regular basis and details of their meetings can be found using the below link:

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