Street Lighting Faults

Street Lighting Faults

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The Council is responsible for over 500 street lights in the Parish. We rely on keen-eyed residents to help by informing us when lights are not working.

We have a street lighting contractor who visits Wendover once a week (or every two weeks in the summer months) and carries out repairs for us. If it is an easy repair, such as a new bulb, then this is done straight away. If there are more complex problems, such as the column not receiving any power, the repair can take longer.

Each column has a number on it between 1 and 561 which tells us which light someone is reporting. If you can not find the column number don’t worry, just tell us which house it is outside of, or opposite to, and we can find the column number for you.

Please use the online form below to report your fault.

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