Hampden Pond Update June 2018

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June 2018 –  The pond appears to be thriving, the water table levels are good, and although the fish were removed there is evidence that some must have slipped through the net!  Other than general maintenance around the pond,  the Council has resolved not to proceed with any other works or projects in the immediate future, until more is known about the impacts of HS2.

Fishing is currently permitted at the pond, at the present time the Council is not charging for fishing permits. However if you would like to fish at the pond, we ask that you drop in to the Clock Tower (High Street, Wendover) so the staff can take a copy of your Fishing Rod Licence. If you have any further queries please contact the office: Tel: 01296 623056

October 2017 – 750 fish were safely netted and moved to an empty pond on Weston Turville Golf Course on Friday 20th October 2017 to give them the best chance of survival while the water table that feeds Hampden pond is so low.
Wendover Parish Council would like to thank Weston Turville Golf Club and APEM for their help in saving the fish.

On 26th September Wendover Parish Council reported concerns over the low water levels in Hampden Pond to the Environment Agency (EA). A check was done at the end of September by the EA but the fish were not deemed to be in danger and the oxygen levels were healthy.

On 13th October the Parish Council emailed the EA to evidence requests for help in writing.

On 17th October the Parish Council telephoned the EA repeatedly to ask for urgent assistance as staff had been attending the pond daily and were very worried. At 15:20 a call was finally received by the Parish Council office from a local agent to say that they were too short staffed to help and were not concerned when they inspected two weeks prior. They advised that the fish could not be relocated as all Carp are diseased and cannot be moved and there was evidence from a previous health test showing the fish had category 2 parasites. Staff expressed their concern and were advised that an EA agent may attend to read the oxygen levels that day.

The Parish Council Clerk urgently instructed the Parish Council contractor to attend the pond and test the oxygen levels and aerate the water over night if required incase the EA could not attend and take action. At 16:40 the EA attended and took an oxygen reading but found it to be 100%. The Parish Council contractor attended two hours later but read oxygen at 35% so pumped the water all night.

On the morning of 19th October the Parish Clerk telephoned the EA once more and shared the readings from the night before. The contractor was on stand by to attend and remove the fish but the EA instructed the Clerk to leave the fish where they were to give them a chance to survive as removal would mean they would have to be culled. The Parish Council contractor was stood down and the EA hoped to return on 19th October to take another oxygen level reading.

Advice in writing has finally been received (19th October) from the EA, they now say the fish can be moved if we can find an empty pond! Thankfully a rescue company have worked tirelessly with the Parish Clerk  since this advice was received and a rescue has been scheduled for Friday 20th October. Weston Turville Golf Club have an empty pond with water in it and have very kindly agreed to home the fish.

Wendover Parish Council and its staff would like to thank the Golf Club, AES Europe and APEM for all of their help in achieving a happy result for the fish.