Green Spaces

Green Spaces

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To access a map showing the location of our green spaces please follow this link:  Click Here

Both Hampden Meadow and Pond were bestowed to Wendover Parish Council in 1936 by Charles Spittles to be used as a new recreational area, having previously been used for farming.

The pond, created by the Canal Company in the 1790s, was once used for ice-skating, but is now maintained by the Parish Council and utilised by locals for fishing.

A community orchard which is a memorial to those who lost their lives in the village in WW1 has been established on Rope Walk Meadow. This is located opposite Heron Path House. This area is named Rope Walk as this area was once the site of Albert Payne’s rope and sack business, by the Nether Mill.

The Witchell, now used by Wendover Cricket Club, was previously used for grazing cattle and is also thought to have acquired its name due to this being the location used to drown potential witches.

Ashbrook recreation ground was donated to the Parish Council by Sir Thomas Barlow of Boswells to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V and Queen Mary. Appropriately, the site will be utilised later this year for the Wendover Celebrates festivities to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Local charities and groups have an opportunity to advertise on the Ashbrook railings. To find out more, please see the regulations relating to this.
Advertising on Ashbrook Railings

Ash Die Back Pest Alert

Members of the public are asked to assist the Parish Council who are regularly checking the Ash Trees within the Parish for this pest which is currently spreading in the UK. More information can be found in the following leaflet: Ash Die Back Alert