Both the parish of Wendover and the built footprint of this ancient market town are almost all situated within the Metropolitan Green Belt and Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. The parish lies at the foot of the Chiltern escarpment extending through the Wendover Gap to the Dip slope.  It sits astride the crossing of important and ancient arterial routes.  As a significant gateway, providing access to the beech woods and dry valleys of the Chilterns from the Vale of Aylesbury, it is an established tourist venue.

The name ‘Wendover’ is derived from an old Celtic term meaning ‘white waters’ because of the deposits brought by the springs rising from the chalk aquifer which flow through the parish.

The parish lies in the administrative area of Aylesbury Vale within the County of Buckinghamshire and represents over 5000 electors with a population of around 8,500.

The Clock Tower has become the symbol of Wendover, a key focal point in the village that once held the local fire engine and whose bell was used to summon the vehicle in the event of a fire. The original clock mechanism, made by Field & Sons of Market Square, Aylesbury, is still in use and is wound weekly by the groundsman.

The Clock Tower also used to be the village pound or ‘lock-up’, the cell door is still visible inside today.The building now houses the Parish Council  offices, providing a tangible presence befitting its important role within the community.